Creating A Business Where Most Of The Startup Work Is Already Done For You

Starting your own business can be an extremely scary proposition, especially if you’ve never done it before! And if you have a fear of failure, then your vision for owning a business that can be started on the side and run from home can be even more complex… so let’s break it down and make it simple!

There are a number of common reasons why small businesses fail. Fortunately for the aspiring small business owner, creating a small business around direct sales will alleviate many of the risks and issues that usually come with the territory.

One of the most important benefits of direct sales is the ability to start up your own business with very little capital investment. The Kauffmann Foundation has estimated that the average start-up cost is approximately $30,000. Whether that money comes out of your personal savings or loans, dealing with the costs of starting a small business is enough to turn many people away. But with direct sales, you get to start right away without investing much of your own money (as low as about $100), meaning that the money you make will be PROFIT!

With direct sales, new small business owners also get the benefits of working with established brands including their proven sales history and a host of existing products. Businesses that start from scratch are not only selling themselves but also must convince their potential customers that their products are of high quality without a proven track record. Using direct sales, you won’t have this problem, as you will be selling name-brand products from a reputable business that has already stood the test of time.

In a nutshell, direct sales will provide all of the benefits of having your own company (such as making your own schedule, tax-write-offs, working for yourself, flexible hours, keeping the money you earn, etc.) without most of the big risks.

The biggest thing you really have to risk is your time.

62% of direct sellers have been with their current direct selling company for one year or more. 78% of direct sellers say that direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations as a business in which the harder they work the more money they can make (via The risk is well worth the rewards! Isn’t it about time you looked into your Own Home-Based Business?


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